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We know that the Corona Pandemic makes travelling plans difficult and affects decisions of sailors to sail with Orinoco. We therefore provide some information about the Covid-19 situation. The Caribbean countries seem to be handling COVID-19 fairly well for the most part, but the economic downturn (tourism) is substantial (July 2, 2020).

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Antigua and Barbuda Covid-19 Traveling and Yachting Information

  • COVID-19 Assesment of General situation (German Goverment): Antigua and Barbuda has hardly been affected by COVID-19 so far (auswaertiges-amt Oct 30, 2020).
  • WHO official daily counts of COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda: Link
  • Aktuelle Ausweisung internationaler Risikogebiete durch das Auswärtige Amt, BMG und BMI gemäß RKI: Link
  • The Facebook Group Coronavirus Covid-19 Antigua and Barbuda provides excellent and detailled information: Link
  • COVID-19 travelling information (Antigua government): travel advisory for travelers to Antigua and Barbuda. Video Welcome back to Antigua.
  • COVID-19 Yachting Travel Advisory (Antigua government): Includes travel information about the travel bubble comprising six OECS countries, including Montserrat. Antigua and Barbuda is among the CARICOM states identified as low-risk COVID-19 destinations that will allow travel from similar states without PCR tests prior to arrival and without having to undergo a quarantine period.
  • See Facebook hashtag #COVID19Caribbean for an overview about the Coronavirus Disease in the Caribbean (including CARICOM members).
  • Flights: Several Airlines (Air France, KLM, Air Canada…) are offering flights from Europe to Antigua.

Our Covid-19 Travel and Yachting Assessement

  • It is possible to fly from Europe to Antigua without having to face quarantine when providing a negative PCR-result taken within seven (7) days of our flight. However, the local health department reserves the right to carry out random checks and, if necessary, COVID-19 tests for all travelers within the first 14 days of their stay (Oct. 30. 2020). There is information from Jolly harbour Marina (Oct. 6. and 15. 2020 ) that the local health department may order us to stay on on board of the vessel for the first 14 days (self-quarantine).
  • It’s possible to sail freely in Antigua and Barbuda (Oct. 17. 2020).
  • We are allowed to sail to other Islands without quarantine if they are included in the “travel bubble”. However, it is required to have a negative COVID 19 RT-PCR test result (Oct. 30. 2020)
  • We can fly back from Antigua to Europe but have to expect quarantine at home when arriving in Germany if the German Goverment has still issued a travel restriction for Antigua (Oct. 30. 5. 2020).

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