Atlantic Crossing

From Mai to July 2021, Orinoco will cross the Atlantic to sail back to Europe. The first leg will be from the Lesser Antilles to the Azores (Mai to June). After a change of crew, the second leg will be from the Azores to Portugal.

Transatlantic crossing, starting Mai 2021 in the Lesser Antilles; Crew change Azores

Time Schedule

  • May- June: Antigua to Azores (3-4 weeks)

Voyage Planing

There are three major strategies to cross from the Caribbean to Europe.

  1. Sailing via Bermuda to the Azores: a better chance to have favourable winds in the North but it is longer (980 + 1680 sm) and colder.
  2. Sailing directly to the Azores: shorter (2090 sm), can be more comfortable but you may have to use your motor more often.
  3. Sailing to the USA directly via Bermuda or along the coast with attractive islands near Florida and up North ether offshore or using the Intercoastal Waterways. Then West in New England (or further north) using the prevailing westerly winds to sail to Europe.
North Atlantic current (top picture) and wind (lower picture): source:

Transatlantic rallies

Two transatlantic rallies from the Carribean to Europe start in May 2021. The Atlantic Back Cruising starts in Guadeloupe, goes directly to the Azores and then to Northern or Southern Europe. The ARC Europe Rally starts in BVI (British Virgin Islands), has a stop over in Bermuda after 5 – 7 days before sailing to the Azores (14-16 days) and then to Northern or Southern Europe (Portugal 5-6 days).

Transatlantic Sailing Stories and Information

  • Report about the ARC Europe Rally 2020:
  • See Orinoco’s Blog for sailing from the Canaries to Barbedos
  • World Cruising and Sailing Wiki: Trans-Atlantic, Caribbean to Europe Passage Link


Azores Islands overview

Azores Islands with harbours and anchorages

Cruising Information Azores Islands

Carribean and Pacific Sailing

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