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Our MMSI number: 211802670.

1. Eastern Caribbean round trip: ABC-Islands – Dominican Republic – Lesser Antilles – ABC-Islands – Cartagena, Colombia
Winter/Spring 2019/20

Winter-Spring 2019-20b

Routes 1 and 3 – 6 with skipper Fred, Route 2 (Dominican Republic) with skipper Uwe.

Info Dominican Republic (February 2020, Uwe)

2. Cartagena, Colombia – Colon, Panama – San Blas, Panama – Colon
Summer 2020

Summer 2020b

1. Cartagena, Colombia: the historic city of Cartagena has a picturesque harbour that is one of the most attractive ports in the New World.

2. Colon, Panama: Shelter Bay Marina has good facilities including haulout. Check in an Immigration before sailing to San Blas.

3. San Blas, Panama: The main cruising attraction in Panama. 365 islands off the Caribbean coast. The home of the Kuna Indians. More information? See chapter Las Blas Islands, Panama

4. Colon, Panama


Old Routes

ABC Islands (Bonaire, Curacao)
Summer 2019. All year sailing possible, south of the hurricane route. In summer north the east tradewinds less strong, sometimes even west winds. Hot in the summer (average 29 Degrees). Bonaire: World class diving an snorkeling. All waters are a protected marine park. The waters are known to be amongst the clearest in the Caribbean. If you love nature, this is the place for you. Curacao: The largest of the ABC Islands with very good beaches. A country diverse in heritage and ethnicity. 42 different ethnic groups. Good anchorages and marinas.

Belgium to Portugal (Lisbon) Summer/Autumn 2018


Lisbon to Canary Island via Morroco Summer/Autumn 2018

Transatlantic: Canary Islands to Martinique (Caribbean)
Winter 2019


Caribbean to ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao)
Winter 2019



Carribean and Pacific Sailing

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