A School of Twenty

Pilot whales are highly social and swim in groups of twenty and more if there is enough  squid or fish. Most dives are to a depth of 30–60 m, but they may dive 600 meters. The whitish calfs nurses for three years. The “playful” clapping of the caudal fin, is it to scare prey?  

More than 17 species of whale and dolphin, including the humpback whale, which breeds here, may be watched in Cape Verde.

Island Treasure: Salina do Porto Inglés

The largest lake of salt in Cape Verde. A reminder of Maio’s past as salt supplier for Brazil, but still used today. As local women work to make salt for the local market, little conical piles of salt appear. Surrounded by dunes and desert,  the salina is an important breeding and feeding habitat for birds.

Music: Dag Reinbott, Grand Etude, terrasound.de.

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