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Orinoco under Sails

Flying a drone from a saling yacht under sails is always a risk – especially if high waves and high winds may make it impossible to grab the drone when landing it at the back of the ship. Therfore, we choose a protected spot behind Klein Curacao for the first Orinoco under sails drone video. Thank you, Sascha, for catching the drone and thank you, Nick, for sailing the boat.



Reefing at Night

When sailing in the night, reducing the area of the sails (reefing) as a safety precaution in rough weather can be challenging. In the darkness, with a black sky and a black sea, there is little orientation. Video from the February transatlantic crossing by Ivan.


Ocean Birthday Party

birthday-6975After cruising five miles offshore for twenty hours, avoiding container ships in the night, not so many birthday guests could be expected to enjoy the delicous vegetarian lunch. However, one surprise guest made it to our ship. The sparrow happily accepted a drink.



Three Days Atlantic Ocean

Crossing the Biscay from France (Brittany) to Spain (Galicia): a challenge for sailors. Three nights and two days on the open ocean, hoping not to run into a southwest storm, that builds steep waves. We had good wind at first, rain in the end and never enough sleep.orinoco-0035







Rain Radar:orinoco-02782


A Coruna, North Spain (meeting point fo blue water sailors): Torre de Hercules.orinoco-5670