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Coral Gardening in Curaçao

At the Tug Boat Beach, near a big jetty (Dock) and industrial garbage, the Coral Restoration Foundation Curacao maintains coral supporting trees. These trees hold  coral fragments, providing them with perfect growing conditions. The Foundation helps rebuilding reefs by outplanting clusters of corals on structures all along the coast of Curacao. The corals will in time overgrow their structure and form a new, independent coral colony to house many types of fish and marine species.

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Repairs before Atlantic Crossing

Anti-fouling paint is a special coating that is applied to the hull of a ship. The coating is used to slow down the growth of marine organisms such as barnacles, slime, algae and mossy weed. However, disappointingly, after three months in Puerto Calero, Lanzarote, our boat had to be taken out of the water and the hull had to be scrubbed.

More than that two days of work was needed to clean the hull, as shown on the right side of the picture. Our friends Frank, Ivan and Stefan helped Fred and me to do the job.



Additional, some sail and rigg improvements were done by Fred.



Diving and Snorkeling

Diving and snorkeling is not so easy on the Cape Verdian Islands. You have to overcome vicious shore breaks and currents. Wet suits are recommended.

Underwater, however, you may enjoy coral reefs, 639 species of fish including Mantas, sharks and turtles. (Which we did not see, unluckily).  More Information: Stewart, Murray. Cape Verde (Bradt Travel Guides)