Reefing at Night

When sailing in the night, reducing the area of the sails (reefing) as a safety precaution in rough weather can be challenging. In the darkness, with a black sky and a black sea, there is little orientation. Video from the February transatlantic crossing by Ivan.


Another Transatlantic Rowing Boat

Another rowing boat arrived in Barbedos yesterday after six weeks of crossing the Atlantic Ocean and made landfall next to Orinoco at the St. Charles yachting club. The “Odyssey” of Riaan Manser and his friend is unrelated to the rowing journey of Dawn of, the English lady we met a few hundred miles before Barbedos. She has not yet reached Barbedos. And there seems to be another guy crossing the ocean: a French adventurer in a barrel (Tonne) on his way to Brasil.

Repairs again

After three weeks of hard sailing 24 hours a day, some repairs had to be made. Our windgenerator now has new cables and our mainsail has a newly fixed main halyard (Großfall). One crew member even enjoyed climbing seventeen meters high to do do repairs and shoot selfies. Our dinnertable should be repaired tomorrow and our mainsail traveller next week (hopefully).

Day 22: Barbedos

Barbedos is a destination for many transatlantic sailors, as it is the first of the Caribbean Islands you can reach when crossing the Atlantic Ocean. We arrived at twelve in the night and are now moored opposite of a Russian Super Mega yacht. It’s strange that our ship is quite now, after we had to live with waves and wind every day, and that we now can drink a glass of wine without spilling half of it.

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