Day 8: Work Life Balance on a Sailing Yacht

Watching dolphins, reading books and viewing downloaded netflix videos – that’ what we thought the transatlantic passage would offer. However, the reality is otherwise: 24 hours a day the course and security of the ship has to be managed, in the nighttime by two people. Jibing (Halsen) and reefing (Reffen) is work for three people, and for more in bad weather conditions. Navigation has to be planed and weather data to be obtained and discussed. Fresh food has to be prepared, toilets to be cleaned. Repairs have to be done (our saloon table was broken by a falling crewmember in high waves, thank’s to God no harm to the sailor). And skipper Fred’s theoretical and practical security briefings and workshops every
day are mandatory. The passage is demanding, but nevertheless great fun and for most of us a once in a lifetime event.