Day 5: Gourmet Cooks

On Orinoco, the day starts with fresh food. Our gourmet cooks serve omelets with onion, pancakes with jam, self-baked bread and banana, apples, oranges and ananas for breakfast. Dinner is clearly dominated by forty frozen tuna steaks. Served as carpaccio or fried, combined with egg fruit (Aubergine), tomatoes, garlic or paprika, maybe with an additional salad and rice or potatoes or pasta. Eating, however, on a small boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, with waves as high as four meter, remains a challenge. Knifes, forks and plates never want to stay on the table…

Day 3: Low energy alarm

The capacity of our batteries has dropped to less than 45%. Why? More than 40 devices on board happily consume electricity (navigation system and lights, radar, fridge, two satellite communication systems, a lot of mobile phones and tablets, laptops, torches, water pumps and so on). The autopilot steering system, with its very strong electric motor, is our most energy hungry device (13 ampere). However, only three devices produce energy: wind generator, solar cells and motor. We did have enough wind today with 12 to 24 knots all day (nice sailing), but not so much sun (rain gusts). Therefore, we now try to use our hydrovane wind driven self-steering system as much as possible to save energy.

Day 2

Before even having breakfast, both fishing lines gave alarm. After half an hour, the first 20 kg yellow fin tuna fish broke the fishing rod, but was caught nevertheless. We released the second one of equal size. Our refrigerator: full with fish. Bad luck for Frank and Uwe – they are not allowed to fish again for three days.