Deep Bay Wreck Antes

Under water you cannot spread Covid-19. Therefore, snorkeling is a perfect way to stay healthy when beeing in quarantaine. The wreck Antes is a nice snorkeling spot, and tourist boats feed terns (Seeschwalben).

Chris Doyle has a wonderful desrcription of the wreck Andes: “This three-masted ironbarque was sailing from Trinidad with a load of pitch in 1905. When it got to Antigua, the crew noticed smoke rising from one ofthe hollow masts and suspected the motion of the boat had caused enough friction in the cargo to start a fire. Having hazardous cargo, they were refused permission to go into St. John’s, so they anchored in Deep Bay. When they opened the cargo hatches to dea l with the problem, the infusion of fresh air caused the pitch to burst into uncontrollable flames. The wooden deck burned off the steel frames and the vessel sank.”

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