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Shipwreck in Mona Passage

The Mona Passage between the Domican Republic and Costa Rica should be sailed by experienced sailors only. Wind, waves and current are hard to predict and many times can be very challenging. The currents are so complex that you can literally be pushed onto the shoals and not realize it until you sense that you are getting thrashed. (Virgintino, Frank, A Cruising Guide to the Dominican Republic). Thus, there are quite a few shipwrecks near the Catalinata Island south of the “Cheating Cape” (Capo Engado). Fisherman that were unable to cross the breaking waves of the outer reef are spending the nights in the shipwrecks.






Coral Gardening in Curaçao

At the Tug Boat Beach, near a big jetty (Dock) and industrial garbage, the Coral Restoration Foundation Curacao maintains coral supporting trees. These trees hold  coral fragments, providing them with perfect growing conditions. The Foundation helps rebuilding reefs by outplanting clusters of corals on structures all along the coast of Curacao. The corals will in time overgrow their structure and form a new, independent coral colony to house many types of fish and marine species.